11 facts of finnish food!

In Finland you find the same kind of food what you can find in all western European countries. But there are also a lot of strange and special things! Here you have 11 very Finnish food/dish what you can have only in Finland. And on all our tours we have some Finnish specialties for you!

Finnsih food - Blaze salmon!

01 - Flamed Salmon! 


This is a dish from the time before a single nail wash discovered! And it is still one of the most popular summer dishes at every summer house in Finland!

Finnish food - Kalakukko

02 - Kalakukko has not any English translation. Anyway, it's bread filled with whatever... old days Finnish pizza! Today Kalakukko is commonly filled with fish. In the old days Kalakukko was also a handy lunchbox you could eat! 

Finnsih food - Open fire sausages

03 - Grillimakkara!


A Finnish summer is not complete without grillimakkara. These big, fat sausages made for grilling are washed down with beer. Finns love them. You find them also att every bike-rally in Finland!

Finnish food - Sauteed reindeer

04 - Sauteed Reindeer. Reindeer meat is one of the healthiest foods you can put on your plate according to recent studies. And it is delicious! We s

erve it with mashed potatoes, this dish is eaten throughout the country, in all seasons.


05 - New potatoes with herring! New potatoes with salted fish. That is something every Finn is eating a couple of time in June. We add just a knob of butter, some dill and a little salt. It is a very old traditional dish in Finland!

Finnish food - Rye bread!

06 - Rye bread is a staple of the Finnish diet. People used to hang their bread on poles from the rafters. It is dense and flat and very heavy but Finns will have it sent through the post when they are living abroad. Never mind the cost.

Finnish food - Grayfish

07 - Crayfish parties were originally a Swedish tradition that the Finns adopted and celebrate with finesse each summer. These small freshwater lobsters are considered a gourmet treat and they are not cheap. Which is why they are feted in style. 

Finnish food - Bread cheese

08 - Cheese Bread, Juustoleipä is mild cheese is most often made from milk. It is most delicious with cloudberry jam! 

You can find this iconic dessert from every traditional restaurant and from many modern restaurants menu also!


Finnish food - Rice pie

09 - Karjalanpiirakka, rye/rice pies are something you will find at every hotel breakfast buffet. As well you find these pies in every supermarket and grocery shop as well! They are particularly delicious with an egg butter spread on top!

Finnish food - Needle fish and mashed potatoes

10 - Muikut ja muusi. Smashed potatoes and small fried lake fish, Muikku! Very simple but very delicious and something you can find at many market square through out Finland!


11 - Korvapuusti, the cinnamon roll is in Finland something that every kind got from their mam's and gramma's when they came home from school! And today you find these from almost every coffee shop in Finland!


main pic - Nina Ijäs