What should I bring with me for the trip?

A very personal subject to everyone, the minimum possible if there is not a luggage car for the tour. Everything you cn pack in a big suitcase if there is a luggage car! After paying your reservation fee, you will receive a RoadBook - Travel Booklet, including a list of the recommended equipment to take with you for your trip. Everything you need is indicated in this booklet.

Is there a service car on PeterPanBike trips?

Yes, we have a service car for your luggage on some tour… and some tours not! This is always mentioned on the tour page!

Finnair A321

What about airline tickets?

PeterPanBike does not sell airlane tickets. If you want help with the flights, our co-operator is happy to organize tickets for you!

What kind of motorcycles are PeterPanBike useing?

We co-operate with Kawasaki Finland, so you will drive up here most likely with a Kawasaki. Bikes for each tour, you can see on each tour page! Other models are also possible, but those on tourpage are the most likely ones!

Kawasaki Versys.png

Can I use my own bike?

Yes you can! No problem with that! On each tour page there is a price of tour with the own bike also! Just keep in maid that on Ladoga and Gravel Fun Run tours a custom bike is not suitable!

How big is a PeterPanBike group?

PeterPanBike is driving in Finland and Russia with small groups, maximum 10 motorbikes plus tourleader guide. If you are coming with your own group, there is no size limits. 

What kind of hotels are PeterPanBike useing on tours?

We use good and clean midrange and midrange plus hotels from 2 to 4 stars. On 1 reindeer tours also 5 stars. There is always a parking at the hotel and when we drive in Finland, there is also almost always a sauna! We Finns can not live with out our saunas :)

What does the price include?

In general, the price includes; a professional tourleader, motorbike rental, petrol, motorcycle insurance, accommodation in a double room, half board, trips to the motorcycle rental center. Breakfast is normally included in the free days. If there is exceptions those a mentioned on the tour's page! On every tourpage in mentioned what is included and excluded!

What is not included in the price?

Normally not included in the price are; airfare to Helsinki, lunches and drinks with mealsOn every tourpage in mentioned what is included and excluded!


Is PeterPanBike a Finnish company?

The company is founded by motorcycledriver Peter Ruotsalo who is made in Finland. Today PeterPanBikeWorld is an Estonian company! My partner Mario Ojalo is Estonian!

Do I need to be an experienced biker to participate?

An experienced biker means a lot of things. But yes, you must know how to drive a motorcycle... and enjoy motorcycle driving. A motorcycle tour abroad is not the place where learn to drive! If you have doubts about your skills, contact us!  You can do a test drive with one of our friends in your own country and then we see what happens!

Is it possible to make the trip if I speak only english?

Yes, that is very much ok! Your tourguide is speking finnish and english and/or finnish, english and russian. Russians speak mainly only russian, but almost all young finnish people spaek somekind of english! And many of them very well!

Is it possible to travel in aircraft cabin with a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, this is possible and should not be a problem. The easiest way is to put your helmet in your helmet's own coverbag and carry it on your shoulder

Can I rent driving gear?

We are working on this. From spring 2018 it should be possible!

How long is a typical driving day?


We tend to say that a typical driving day is 8 hours and that is very much the average also on the tours... and it goes also so, that more reindeers means a bit longer days and less reindeers means a bit shorter days!