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There are so many great motorcycle roads in the world, even your whole life is not enough to ride all of them? But you can always try of course… I know I do :] … And yes, to me, it is impossible to name any one single road as the best road on the globe! But here you have some great ones! I put up the 50 best ones I have been riding on this page! - Best regards, Peter

P1 - Montenegro

Great roads on earth... P1 in Montenegro is definetly on of them. Stunning views with a curve after a curve after a curve... and so on! P1 is close to the Adriatic Sea going around Lovcen National Park!

Highway 1 - Baja California, Mexico

Great roads on the earth! Mexico's HW1 is definitely one of them. It starts from Tijuana and runs down to Cabo Sanu Lucas on Baja California Peninsula... one of the roads on earth every biker should drive at least once! ;]

GR3204 - Andalucia, Spain

The GR-3204 is one of my favorites in Andalucia. Yes, there are many many great roads in the area, but this one is the best! :] ... It's between Malaga and Granada. It starts from Motril, from the coast and goes up to the north on Sierra Nevada’s west side!

Highway 1 - California, USA

The US Highway 1 is one of the most scenic roads in USA... it's a WAU from San Clemente to Legget all the way and vice versa... and with the Golden Gate in the middle! HW1 is one of the 'must' roads on the Globe for bikers!

7C - Romania

Romania's 7C, Tranfagarasan is the best biker road in East-Europa. It's running over the southern Carpathian Mountains from Cartisoara to Pitesti. The best part is between Curtea de Arges and Cartisoara... and the northern side (Cartisoara side) is partly a F1-track! 

Manali - Leh Highway, India

The Manali - Leh Highway is magnificent! Somehow unreal... stunning views are followed by stunning views and are followed with stunning views. And like in the rest of the India, up in the Himalayas there is nobody blowing a horn behind you all the time! This is also a round I'm going to drive a second time!

D81 - Corsica, France

Drive and smile... :) ... it is difficult to drive D81 - Corsica with out a big smile in your helmet! It's a 154km road from Calvi in the north part of the island to Corsica's capital Ajaccio. To Corsica there are going daily ferries at least from Marseille, Genoa and Livorno. Naturally also from Sardia's Santa Teresa Gallura in the south! 

R224 - Burabay N.P, Kazakstan

The R224 is the best curvy road in northern Kazakstan and the only one which runs through a forest! Both are very rear phenomenons in 90% of Kazakstan... curves and forest! The R224 is located in the Burabay national park between Kokshetau and Astana!

California 2 - USA

California 2 is one of the best biking roads in California. It starts from Phelan and ends to La Cañada Flintridge just on the north side of Los Angeles downtown! On a weekday you can have it almost to yourself! On weekends you will meet a lot of local bikers there! 

Queen Charlotte Dr - New Zealand

Great roads on Earth. Queen Charlotte Drive is only 33,5km long, but it is one of the best motorcycle roads on South Island, New Zealand. It starts immediately when you drive out from Wellington - Picton ferry! Just turn right instead of left and you have a great curve after a curve all the way to Havelock! 

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NZ73 - New Zeland

New Zealand bikers have an unique positive problem! They have too many great curvy roads and a big lack of Texas-style roads... straight roads ;] NZ73 (West coast road) is running from Christchurch to Kumara via Artur's Pass... and it is one of FunRun highways in the country!

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90 Mile Beach - New Zealand

90 Mile Beach... that's an 90 mile adventure and great fun! You can drive it with what ever bike, but make sure you know the times of the tides! If the high tide is coming when you are there, you can be in biiiig trouble! And if you get stuck in the middle of high tide with a rental bike, your are even in biggeeerrrr trouble! ;] 

A838 - Scotland

Scotland is one of those places in the world which is made for bikers... full of fun countryside roads. If you are driving around Scotland you will automaticly end up on A383 between Ullapool and Land's End! 

Fv987 - Norway

While the north part of Norway is more or less boring with only one road, the south part of Norway has a lot of fun fun fun biking roads. This one is between Sinnes and Rysstad and those 2 are between Stavanger and Oslo! This picture is taken in end of June! 

King’s Road - Finland

King's Road in Finland is one of the long time favorites among the local bikers. When Finland was under Russia it was the main highway between Finland's old capital Turku and Russia's old capital St. Petersburg. Today King's road is well marked from Turku to Russia's border! 

PanAmerica - Alaska to Tierra del Fuego

PanAmerican Highway! This section is between Panama and Colombia... this pic is taken on the arrival to Carthagena. There is not really any road between Panama and Colombia, so you have to take a cargo boat to Colombia. This 'shuttle-ferry' is tranporting bikes one by one from the boat to the shore! ;) 

M16.2 - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is also a small treasure box for a biker. There is a lot of graet biking roads! This M16.2 is one of them between Mostar and Banja Luka. It starts from Jablanica and from Bugosno it continues as M16. It's total a 185km ride! And you love it if you love curves!

Route66 - USA

Route66... maybe the most famous roadtrip in the world! Starting from Chicago in Illinois and running through 8 states to Santa Monica pier in California! Official lenght of the route is 2448m miles and 3940 km. And it's something every biker should fo once in the life! ;) 

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R44 - South Africa

Just follow the coast to the east from Cape Town and you come on R44 wich goes around Kobelberg Nature Reserve... and an a sunny day it's awesome! You love it! It's one of the most beautiful roads in the country!

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Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

This is not actually a road but it is a magnificent ride, Salar de Uyuni! It's one of the most unforgettable place where I have ever been driving! And there is no police and no radars... you can just let go as fast as you can! And there is space to go. Total area of Salar de Uyuni is 11000sq-km. 

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Highway 1 - Vietnam

Highway 1 Vietnam is running 1723km from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh... and yes, you can do it also with a scooter as we did last time! ;) ... it's great fun and in Vietnam trafic does not move much faster than 60km/h so with 125cc you are in the game. And yes, this pic looks peaceful and so it is time to time, but in Vietnamise trafic you are never alone! ;] 

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Ho Chi Minh Trail - Laos

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St Katherine - Nuweiba Road - Egypt

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Shortcut :) - Ethiopia

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T4 - Zambia