Best roads of Mediterranean Alps!

Days & €uros 2019/-20

  • 17.10-21.10 | thu-mon 05d

  • 07.05-11.05 | thu-mon 05d

  • You & bike - 1390€

  • Passanger - 990€

  • Private room - 340€


Fabulous Nice, French Riviera and Mediterranean alps! All in the same unique weekend break with 2 wheels! Your home on this experience is in the Nice city center for all four nights! This weekend break fits perfectly also for couples where there is only one biker! Nice is the capital of the Mediterranean alps and it has attracted also artists for a long time. From the big names, Henri Matisse lived here. Marc Chagall was also attracted with Nice! 

On your Mediterranean weekend break, you will see and experience among other things... bold and beautiful Monaco. Even bolder and more beautiful Saint-Tropez. Unique French Venice, Grimaud! Meditarean Alps are magnificent, but you will see also the pearl of the southern Alps, Canyon Du Verdon. French Grand Canyon!

Roads on this tour are incredible. Curves, curves and curves... and to be honest, this area is a biker Mecca if you like and love curvy roads with mountain views! Yes, on the coastline there are other people on the road also, but as soon you get up to the mountains the bikers world will change!

And none of the driving day’s roads a written in a stone. We can always drive a bit less or more according to the situation, time and feeling!


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Day 1 | Thursday | d

We which you are at our Hotel latest 8 pm. Your room is ready from 2 pm. In the evening we will have dinner together. During the dinner we talk about coming days and get to know each other a little better!

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Day 5 | Monday | b

If you do not have an early flight, take a swim, have a relaxed breakfast and maybe go for a little walk to the beach. Check out time is 1 pm!  If you have a late flight we are happy to store your luggage for as long as you need!

DAY 2 | Friday | b,l

Nice - Cannes - St Tropez - Grimaund - Le Muy - Nice | 230km 4h 41m

We do not take the smallest trails on the first driving day, but many nice ones! We drive west from the morning and our first stop is from film festivals famous Cannes! From Cannes, we continue on the awesome coastal road D559 towards even more famous Saint Tropez! But before Saint Tropez, we take a lunch break in the Venice of France, unique Port Grimaud!

Back to Nice, we take a faster road. There will be some nice curves until Le Muy and from there we drive the highway back to Nice... and the highway has also great views!

DAY 3 | Saturday | b,l

Nice - Grasse - Castellane - Canyon du Verdon - Tourrattes - Nice | 308km 5h 48m

Today we drive to the French Grand Canyon, Canyon de Vernon. And as you can guess, the roads force you to smile inside your helmet from curve to curve!

We start our day today with the famous Ruta Napoleon. It goes all the way to Grenoble. We drive the magnificent Ruta Napoleon up to Castellane, where from we turn to bikers favorite D952... well to be honest there are many bikers favorite road at Meditarean Alps!

From Canyon de Vernon we continue another couple of hours on small great roads with huge views!

DAY 4 | Sunday | b,l,d

Nice - Monaco - Castillion - La Bollène-Vésubie - La Tour - Nice | 174km 4h 46m

Every biker on the Planet Earth knows Monaco, and that is your first destination today. In Monaco you will drive the Formula 1 race track... but with legal speeds!

After Monaco up to the mountains. And because you are now a curve specialist you will have today the very best curves from Castellar via La Bollène-Vésubie to La Tour. This is also an area where MC-magazines do often different test drives!

And tonight it is your last evening in Nice... on this tour! ;) ... so we will have dinner together!



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° Professional PeterPan BikeWorld Tour leader
° 4 nights in a good 4 star Hotel in Nice City Center! 
° Breakfast & lunch on days 2-4. Welcome dinner on day 1, farewell dinner on day 4 and breakfast on day 5. 
° Motorcycles & Fuel! BMW or Ducati... see the end of the page. Other models also possible... ask!
° Insurance for the motorcycle




° Flights to/from Nice
° Personal insurance
° Dinners on days 2-4
° Personal expenses


° Max. 8 bikes + 1 tour leader. On this tour you can also take your spouse, who is not riding with you. There is a lot to see and do in Nice area!
° Private group over 8 bikes... ask!

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On this weekend break, we drive on paved roads. Some of them are literally small and very curvy. We use also partly main roads, but most of the time we stay and small fun roads which make you smile inside your helmet!

Nevertheless, this tour is easy and fun! But,  because there is a lot of small narrow curvy roads, it is good for your own safety to have a few years of driving experience! 





Driving days are not too long! About 5-6 hours on days 2 and 4! Day 3 is a full day... but you will like it! Anyway, the main idea on the weekend break is that you enjoy what you do and have time to relax in the evenings with your fellow bikers or your spouse! But that said, if you feel to drive more, no problem! You can explore the area as much as you like! ... but a wild guess is that the official program is enough!



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° START / END OF TRAVEL - This weekend break starts and ends from Nice - France!  

° TO/FROM NICE | AIR - Air France has a huge network and several flights daily via Paris to Nice! And flights to Paris from the whole world! Aeroflot has daily straight flights from Moscow and St Petersburg to Nice. From Skyscanner you see fast who is flying to Nice from where!


° TO/FROM NICE | LAND - You can also come on the tour with your own bike! All roads in Europa go to Nice! Ask us the price if you prefer to drive with your own bike! 

° LANGUAGES - The tour is led in English! For Russian groups in Russia. No need to learn French for traveling with us.  However, you might pick up a couple words of French during the tour! :]

° VISA - Russian citizens need a visa to France and it is possible to apply from 3 cities in Russia. Moscow, St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod! Residents from the European Community don’t need a Visa for entering France. Nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway and Switzerland can also enter holding valid national ID cards. British, Australian, Canadian, American and Japanese need a valid passport. If you come from some other country, ask!


° ALLERGIES AND FOODS - If you have food allergies or special diets, please let us know before the tour starts! Normal vegetarian diet is no problem and we are pretty sure we find food for all other diets also! 

° MORE FACTS - After booking you will get an info on all you need to know before the tour. Also the date of the webinar for your tour! And on the welcome dinner, your tour leader is going through many basic facts of the tour!

° BIKES - You will drive this weekend break with BMW F700/800GS, F800GT or F800R. Or Ducati Hyperstrada and Ducati Scrambler!  These are all excellent bikes for small curvy roads! Bigger bikes also available. Ask!

Ducati Hyperstrada 939
Ducati Scrambler