Days & €uros - 2020

08.06-19.06-2020 | 12d

  • You & Bike 2990€

  • You with your own bike | 1690€

  • Passanger 1390€

  • Private room 590€

Scandinavia tour


How about daylight 24h/day? That is daily life for 2 months on the north side of Polar Circle which you will cross on this tour! Being at the Polar Circle, we'll surely go say hi to Santa too in his workshop, would be rude not to! He is there 363 days a year! But one of the big experiences on this tour is unforgettable and fabulous Midnight Sun, in a period when the sun does not set! Another unforgettable experience on this adventure is Nordkapp. The magnificent cliff where the road ends… or start in Europe! Up in the north, you will experience also unique Lapland, which is by Asian standards huge empty area with more reindeer than people!

Your Polar Circle adventure will begin and end from/to Helsinki, Finland's big small capital. And you do not need to drive far from the city center and you are surrounded by beautiful countryside with great biking roads! You will drive to the north via middle and east Finland. Back south you are coming along the great west coast!


Nordkapp Road


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DAY 01


Finland | Helsinki

Welcome to Helsinki! Welcome to Helsinki! We hope you arrive to your hotel until 6pm! In the evening welcome beers with your tourleader at your accomondation… and many words about upcoming days!

Lake Finland

DAY 02


D 02 | Helsinki - Kuopio | 399km, 4h 53m | b,d

Showtime. After picking up our bikes we are heading to the north. Our first stop is at beautiful Pulkkilanharju where you get the first connection with the lakes in Finland. Totaly there are around 180000 lakes in Finland, so we do not have time to see them all on this tour. Most of the day we avoid main roads and drive secondary roads which are much more fun for bikers. Finland has a lot to give for bikers! We end our day in Kuopio which is the heartland of Savo. And here they just to say that whatever locals talk, everything is on listeners responsibility.

Santa's motorbikes on vacation!

DAY 03


D 04 | Kuopio - Kuusamo/Ruka | 434km, 5h 5m | b,d

You realized already yesterday and you realize it also today, that there is a lot of empty space in Finland. And we are driving in an area where Santa's 'motorbikes' are running freely this time of the year, so some extra attention for reindeer is not a bad idea. Our destination today is Ruka, which is one of the most popular ski resort in Finland in wintertime. And this is also the day when you cross the Arctic Circle. It means that you have arrived at the area where the sun does not set at all this time of the year! We will stay 2 following nights at Luosto. At 11pm we walk up to Luostotunturi and enjoy the magic Midnight Sun!


DAY 04


Day 04 | Kuusamo / Ruka-Center | 0km | b

Day off in the middle of nature. You can naturally drive around if you want. But at Ruka-Center there is a lot to do also! Hiking, canoeing, rafting, subing, fishing, mountain biking, frisbee-golfing, riding... :)

Polar circle

DAY 05


Day 05 | Kuusamo - Ivalo | 455km, 5h 22m | b,d

Go north! Today we cross the Polar Circle first time and we arrive at the are with no sunset at all this time of the year! In the halfway we have today the city of Sodankylä. It has the world's northernmost annual Film festival! And it is not like Cannes or Bollywood!

Before Ivalo we drive up to the 'mountain' -Saariselkä, but do not expect anything like Himalaya! :D


DAY 06


Day 06 | Ivalo - Olderfjord - Honningsvåg | 423km, 5h 39m | b,d

Go more north! And going more north from Ivalo means also that we are driving out from the forest area. Trees shrink to bushes before and disappear totally before we arrive at Nordkapp Base Camp. We change also the country today. But the only thing where from you notice it is a road sign saying Norge - Norway!

Nordkapp - Norway

DAY 07


Day 07 | Honningsvåg - Nordkapp - Alta | 270km, 4h 3m | b,d

In the morning 36km north and that's it. No more road. You have arrived at Nordkapp. Most northern point in Europe... and yes. Let's keep thumbs and toes it's a sunny day. After our time at Nordkapp, we head south to Alta - Norway. We had yesterday a curvy day... and today it is even better!


DAY 08


Day 08 | Alta - Hetta - Rovaniemi | 515km, 6h 20m | b,d

Back to Finland and there to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi. Today is a day (once again) when you wonder, where are all the other people! But there is a couple here and there and probably some bikers also! But yes, there will be a lot of beautiful wilderness and space around you!

Polar Circle Rovaniemi

DAY 09


Day 09 | Rovaniemi | 0km | b

We suppose, that you have never met the original Santa Claus!? But today you meet him. Santa Park Village is just outside Rovaniemi right on the Polar Circle. Santa is working here 364 days/year. You can visit here on your bike... and we give you also a ride if you want. Rovaniemi itself is a relaxing small city to stroll around. Arktikum is the best museum to visit here!


DAY 10


Day 10 | Rovaniemi - Vaasa | 523km, 6h 20m ° Transfers to/from bikegarage

Today you start to notice that you are not alone on the planet! :] There is today several small cities when we drive south to Vaasa. Oulu, Kokkola, Pietarsaari, and Uusikaarlypyy. From Kokkola to Uusikaarlypyy we drive small scenic coastal road! Vaasa is not Costa del Sol or Kerala, but it is the sunniest city in Finland according to statistics! :]


DAY 11


Day 11 | Vaasa - Route66 - Helsinki | 457km, 5h 26m | b,d

Route66 day! Back home you can say you have done Route66... Finland :) ... so yes, it is your Route66 day all day long! Koskenkorva West Ranch, 'Las Vegas', 'Grand Canyon', Club Rodeo, Saloon66. At our first stop in Koskenkorva West Ranch, you can buy all the Route66 souvenirs you need! And from there we drive to Lapua, the starting- and or ending point of the official Route66 Finland! The other end is Orivesi near Tampere! And when back in Helsinki, it's time to say goodbye to your bike and have a farewell dinner!

Biker girls!

DAY 12


Day 12 | Helsinki > | b

Time to go home with loads of memories... and we hope good ones! If you want to stay a day or two in Helsinki, let us know. We can arrange so you can stay in the same accommodation and room if you want!





° Professional PeterPanBikeTour leader
° Accommodation in small hotels/gesthouses and camping site cottages!
° Breakfast 11x (days 2 - 12)° Dinner 8x (day 2&3 adn 5-8 and 10&11)
° Motorcycle rental° Motorcycle insurance
° Fuel
° Drinking water on the road
° Service car for your luggage
° Parking fees
° Transfers to/from airport
° Transfers to/from bikegarage

Sauna in Finland



° Flights to/from Helsinki
° Visa to Russia
° Meals not mentioned in itinerary!
° Drinks with meals
° Personal expenses


° Max. 14 + 1 motorcycles
° This tour is very suitable to drive 2 on a bike!
° No group size limits if own group! 

° Possible, ask!

Indian motorcycle



On Polar Circle tour we drive on paved roads. Driving times given each day are non-stop -times according to Google maps… and we stop every day before dark! ;)  Roads in Finland are mainly good!

Santa Claus on vacation!



By Indian standards trafic in Scandinavia is very light and easy going! No crazy truck drivers. No chichkens, dogs, cows, camels on the road. No speeding busses. No police asking for baks-eehs :) … you just enjoy the driving. And on this tour we have smooth days and time for stoping and taking pictures! And there is a service car for luggage!

Helsinki summer night!



° GOOGLE MAP - The tours is going more or less like on the map! But the map does not show the exact route! And every tour is unique and a bit different!

° START / END OF TRAVEL - This unique tour starts and ends from Helsinki - Finland!

° TO/FROM HELSINKI | AIR - Finnair has straight flights to Delhi. The second fastest option is Aeroflot via Moscow! Coming via Central-Europe is more expensive and takes much longer time!


° PRICE - The price of this tour is based on 2 -4 person per room/cottage! At Ruka we have an own big holiday home (house)! 

° VISA - Indian citizen’s will need a Schengen-visa Scandinavia. And because your tour is mainly in Finland, you need to apply for your visa from the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi. You can also apply for your visa from Visa Application Centers in; Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai! And here under is the link to the Finnish Embassy with all the information you need to know. And after you have paid your booking fee, you will get all detailed instructions for visa-application form what you need!


° LANGUAGES - The tour is led in English! No need to learn Finnish or Norwegian for traveling with us. However, you might pick up a couple words of Finnish and Norwegian during the tour! :]

° ALLERGIES AND FOODS - If you have food allergies or special diets, please let us know before the tour starts! A normal vegetarian diet is no problem and we are pretty sure we find food for all other diets also! 

° MORE FACTS - After booking you will get a RoadBook from all you need to know before the tour.


° BIKE - Bikes on this tour are midsize (600-800cc) Japanese street bikes! Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha/Suzuki. All good for one. If you are 2 on bike and want a biger bike, that is possible for a additional cost! Ask!