Bikers from Moskow hanging around on a Sunday afternoon!

RED SQUARE MOTORCYCLE TOUR TO RUSSIA & ESTONIA | Experience St Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn and Helsinki!

This is an 11 day trip to the heartlands of our eastern neighbor Russia. On the way, for many, the wild and unknown Russia will become a bit more familiar and we can promise you that whatever stereotypes you have of Russia, they will change on this adventure! The journey begins in the landscape of southern Finland and old King's Road and will end to Helsinki. There between you have wooden Porvoo, Venice of the north - St Petersburg, Russia's oldest capital Veliky Novgorod, Tver on the banks of river Volga, magnificent Moscow, university town Tartu and medieval Tallinn!

On this adventure, you can see and experience the glory of Tsar's era in St Petersburg. Red Square & Kremlin, which are the most famous places in Russia. Idyllic and small wooden Porvoo in Finland. The pearl of Baltic countries, medievel Tallinn! … plus the original Route66 Estonia! After this experience tour you will know also what are real Seljanka- and Borch-soups!

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RED SQUARE | motorcycle tour to RUSSIA & ESTONIA

Symbols of meals which include the price | b = breakfast, l = lunch, d = dinner  

Day 01 | > Finland | Helsinki | d
Welcome to Helsinki! We hope you arrive to your hotel until 5pm! Then you have time to start your holiday with a very Finnish, Russian and Estonian habit, with a sauna! Welcome dinner is on the sea! You will have a 2-hour dinner cruise in the archipelago of Helsinki with your tour leader!

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Day 02 | Finland - Russia | Helsinki - Wyborg - St Petersburg | 388km, 4h 58m | b,l,d
Go east! Picking up the bikes and drive to Old Porvoo for a second morning coffee or ice-cream or so. From Porvoo to the border. When we have stamps in our passports we drive to Vyborg's Round Tower for a lunch! Vyborg is an old Finnish city annexed to Russia after the Second World War. In the evening. From Vyborg, we have a 2 hour ride to St Petersburg on the best road! You will end your colourfull day with a canal cruise! St. Petersburg is also called as Venice of the north!

Day 03 | Russia | St. Petersburg - Kronstadt - Pushkin - St Petersburg | 167km, 2h 46m | b
After breakfast we drive to Vladimir Putin's home corners, to Kronstadt. It has been in the history also main port and defense fortress for St. Petersburg. Kronstadt is situated on the island of Kotline, in the Bay of Neva, at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. This island was taken in 1703 from Sweden by Tsar Peter the Great. From Kronstadt, you will drive to mini-Versailles, Peter The Great's Summer Palace! And from Summer Palace we return to our hotel via Pushkin. Rest of the day is yours as you wish!

Day 04 | Russia | St. Petersburg - Pushkin - Veliky Novgorod | b,d | 247km, 3h 36m
In the morning we take a walk to the fabulous Winter Palace. From 1732 to 1917, the palace was the official residence of the Russian Tsars. The palace was constructed on a monumental scale that was intended to reflect the might and power of former Russia. It has 1786 doors, 1945 windows, 1500 rooms, and 117 staircases. When you feel you are ready with all the historic glory, we drive to Pushin and have some more historic glory. But just to see Katarina's palace from outside! From Pushkin we continue to Russia's first capital Veliky Novgorod!

Day 05 | Russia | Veliky Novgorod - Tver | b,d | 359km, 4h 18m
Go more east! Today we drive the whole day to the east, and there it is after 359km, Tver!  Tver was formerly the capital of a powerful medieval state and a model provincial town in the Russian Empire, with a population of 60,000 in 1913. It is situated at the confluence of the Volga and Tvertsa Rivers. Today it has a population of 400 000 people. Evening for Tver's sights along river banks!

Day 06 | Russia | Tver - Moscow | b,l,d | 185km, 2h 47m
Go more east! Today we drive the to Moscow! The huge capital of Moscow. And because we are on a motorcycle tour we take a little sightseeing round with bikes! In the late afternoon you will visit the most famous tourist attraction in Russia, Red Square!

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Day 06 | Russia | Moscow | b | 0km
After breakfast we take a subway to the fabulous Kremlin! Moscow's subway itself is the most awesome metro in the world. Every station is a piece of art! After  Kremlin the rest of the day is free falling as you like. Near Kreml is the most famous department store of Russia. GUM is the Harrolds in Russia. Bolshoi theatre is also in the heart of the city. The evening is as well free, but maybe you want to enjoy something special. The special is a visit to the most famous Russian motorcycle clubs base. Night Wolve's clubhouse!?

Day 08 | Russia | Moscow -  Velikye Luki | b,d | 470km, 5h 25m

Goodbye to Moscow and hello to Velikye Luki, which has a heavy history. Founded in 1166, the city was sacked by Lithuanians in 1198, by King Stephen Báthory of Poland in 1581, and by the Swedes in 1611. During WWII it suffered almost total destruction by Germans. Today it is a normal city outside tourist paths!

Day 09 | Russia - Estonia | Velikye Luki - Tartu | b,d | 394km, 4h 59m

We say goodbye to Mother Russia today and continue our adventure to the small and compact Estonia. In Estonia our destination is the beautiful and lively university town Tartu. Before Tartu we will have an important event! We drive Route66 Estonia! In the evening we go for dinner to the famous Gunpowder Cellar!

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Day 10 | Estonia - Finland | Tartu - Tallin -  Helsinki | b,l | 275km, 5h 21m*
From the morning we drive great countryside roads to Estonias capital Tallin! In Tallin we park our bikes for a couple of hours and go inside the old city walls! Tallin has a stunning medieval old town! In the late afternoon or early evening we take a ferry to Helsinki. On the ferry we have a buffet farewell-dinner. But let's save the farewell beers to the hotel! :]

* includes the ferry time to Helsinki

Day 11 | Finland | Helsinki | a
After breakfast we return the bikes and time to say goodbye. Depending on the time of your return flight, transfer back to the city or to the airport. And if you stay in Helsinki an extra day or to, transfer back to the hotel!


¡  Driving times given each day are non-stop -times according to Google maps ... ;)  ¡


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° Professional PeterPanBike Tour leader
° Accommodation in good 3-4 star hotels
° Service car for your luggage
° Breakfast 10x
° Dinner 8x
° Motorcycle rental if not own (different price)
° Motorcycle insurance for rental bike
° Fuel
° Entrance fees to Summer- & Winter Palace
° Tallin - Helsinki Ferry
° Transfers to/from bikegarage
° Picture book from tour

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° Flights from / to Helsinki
° Visa to Russia
° Meals not mentioned in itinerary!
° Drinks with meals
° Personal expenses


° Max. 10 + 1 motorcycles
° This tour is very suitable to drive 2 on bike!
° No group size limits if own group! 

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On Red Square tour we drive on paved roads. And in this part of Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries the quality of roads are not any better than in Finland... but from part to part roads can be a bit worse especially in Russia!

Anyway, If you come with your own bike, everything goes and also custom bikes!

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This is our most common type of tour with clean and good mid-range hotels and motels from 2 to 4 stars. Kilometers from 200 to 600 a day. We will stop at the main attractions on the way. The normal length of a driving day is about 8h.

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° GOOGLE MAP IN HEADER - It is going more or less like this! But every tour is unique and a bit different, which means that the map does not show the exact route always! 

° START / END OF TRAVEL - This unique tour starts and ends from Helsinki - Finland! If you come with your own bike and want to continue home from Tallin by road, so no problem. We take ferry tickets and last night in Helsinki away from the price!

° TO/FROM HELSINKI | AIR - Finnair is flying several times a day to/from European capitals. Finnair has also several straight daily flights from Asia. Finnair’s North American destinations are New York, Miami, and San Francisco. American Airlines and British Airways have many more! KLM, Lufthansa and Norwegian are coming here also daily! From Sky Scanner you find all the airline companies which are flying to Helsinki!


° TO/FROM HELSINKI | SEA - Viking Line's and Tallink Silja's huge ferries are coming daily from Sweden and Estonia. Finnlines is coming daily from Germany!


° BIKE - It’s not an Ural on this tour! You can come with your own or drive with ours! All brands are very much welcome!  And you do not need a HosBoss… everything from 500cc and up goes. We stay on paved roads! Our bikes for Red Square tour are All-road bikes (BMW GS models) and Harley Davidsons (several model. All on our Rent a Bike page). If you want a japanese street or touring bike it is possible, ask!

° PRICE - The price of this tour is based on 2 person per room! 

° VISA - We all need a visa to Russia! We help you with that and give you detailed instructions how to apply it! 

° LANGUAGES - The tour is led in English! No need to learn Finnish or Russian for traveling with us.  However, you might pick up a couple words of Finnish and Russian during the tour! :]

° ALLERGIES AND FOODS - If you have food allergies or special diets, please let us know before the tour starts! Normal vegetarian diet is no problem and we are pretty sure we find food for all other diets also! 

° MORE FACTS - After booking you will get an info on all you need to know before. Also the date for the webinar of the tour! And on the welcome dinner, your tour leader is going thrue some basic facts!