Motorcycle tour with KTM from Tallin to Valdivostok

OFF-ROAD SIBERIA | Once In The Lifetime Off-Road Adventure from TALLIN to VLADIVOSTOK | 41 days and 14000km...  and a lot of everything!

Once in the Lifetime Off Road Tour... it’s 70/30! You will drive 70% on dirt & gravel roads, small trails, field sides and whatever comes!  About 30% from the tour you are on the asphalt! If Off-Road Siberia is not yet on your bucket list, now is a good time to put it there and drive all the way to Vladivostok across Siberian wilderness!  And this is not a luxury holiday, this is a real off-road tour. You sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere or somewhere 2/3 of the nights and in the hotel 1/3 of the nights.

But you are not all the time in the forest on your adventure, you will experience also famous and fabulous cities like Veliky Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, and Khabarovsk. You will drive over the Ural mountains and you will swim in Lake Baikal! And you will experience a lot of fun dirt roads and small trails. FlyingFox, our 4x4 Chevy pick up will follow you and the group. All our luggage, gear and spare parts are in the car!

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Our off-road motorcycletours service car, 4x4 Chevy!



° Professional PeterPanBike Tour leader and mechanic
° FlyingFox, our 4x4 Pick Up for our luggage, spare parts and camping gear
° 2 tour webinars before the tour
° Bureaucracy packet for visas. All you need know about Russian (and EU) visa
° KTM off-road bike 350-450cc
° Fuell & Parking fees
° Accommodation average every 3rd night in a hotel!  Mainly 3 stars. 
° Breakfast 40x (days 2 - 41)
° Dinner on all the tent nights + welcome & farewell dinners) 
° Water all the time & Water & Vodka on camp dinners
° Bike transfer from Vladivostok to Tallin
° High-quality picture book from the tour

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° Flights to Tallin / From Vladivostok
° Visa to Russia
° Lunches
° Dinners on hotel nights
° Other drinks than Russian water or vodka on camp dinners
° Personal expenses
° Personal insurance


° Max 8 + 1 motorcycle
° There is in the car 2 seat if you want to share a bike with your friend

PRIVATE GROUP?  Possible for 2020, ask!

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There are no roads... but only sometimes true! :]  Our main roads on this adventure are small countryside gravel and dirt roads. When they are dry we can move fast. Slippery when wet if raining! And yes we take also now and then interesting shortcuts!

We drive with offroad tires, so we avoid paved roads all the tour. But you will naturally see them when we visit cities and civilization and when we are in need to do a faster movement!



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This is for offroad lovers and can be quite demanding from time to time! But our 4x4 is always the last one and ready to rescue you if needed!

This adventure is not for beginners. However it can be your first long run if you have a open mind and years of off-roading behind you! Ask us if you hesitate! 

However, there is an empty spot on the car for your bike if you want to rest a day and there is no-one in the car who wants to drive!

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GOOGLE MAP IN HEADER - It is going more or less like this! But every tour is unique and a bit different, which means that the map does not show the exact route always! And now google map is showing the highway which we do not use on this adventure!

BIKE - This tour you will drive with our 350-450cc KTM Off-Road bike. But if you want to come with your own bike, that is also possible! Ask for the price with own bike! But no big ones, it must be an offroad bike! :] We drive the whole tour without any luggage on the bike!

BIKE RETURN - All the bikes are coming in a truck from Vladivostok to Tallin. Bike truck is in Tallin 20 days after it's departure from Vladivostok. We can keep your bike in our garage a couple weeks or what needed before you pick it up!

START / END OF TRAVEL - This adventure starts from Tallin / Estonia where from we start the driving. This tour ends to Vladivostok / Russia where from you can fly home! 

PRICE - The price of this adventure is based on 2 person per room! You sleep every 3rd night in a hotel! When we camp you will sleep in your own tent and sleeping bag. They travel in the car as all other luggage!

VISA - We all need a visa to Russia. Detailed rules (such as the validity of the passport, maximum residence time and vaccination requirements) will be settled together before the trip. If you live an Asian or African country, you might need also an EU-visa. Ask!

CARNET DE PASSAGE?  - No, that we do not need that on this adventure!

LANGUAGES - The tour is led in English! 

ALLERGIES AND FOODS - If you have food allergies or special diets, please let us know before you travel. We will organize food for you!

MORE FACTS - Before the tour, we will have 2 webinars where we talk many words about the tour, bikes, and types of equipment! You will also get a road book with a lot of facts about Trans Siberia Off Road adventure!