Life is now... and we are all legends of our lives! You and I decide how good yours or mine life is! We here at PeterPanBike, love what we do! Therefore we want that you love your tour if you travel with us one sunny day! We believe, that life is good on a motorcycle tour... actually we believe that every day is a Saturday on a PeterPanBike World's tour! And despite of that, we want to be a bit better every day, as human beings and as tour makers. We want to do legendary tours for legendary bikers. Our main goal is to be #1 Motorcycle Tour Company on the globe! To get to our goal we need your help! You can help us by answering these 12 basic questions how do you want to travel!

1 | What is the best group size for a motorcycle tour?
2 | Do you like to have a service car for your luggage?
3 | What kind of accomondation do you like most!
4 | What is the best lenght for a tour for you!
5 | Food! Which meals should be included the price!
6 | Your favorite motorcycle type?
7 | On a motorcycle tour. The most important is...
8 | What is a good lenght for a driving day!
Time with bike from hotel to hotel
9 | Do you like to participate in the tour with your...
10 | What is your age group?
11 | What is your favorite road?
12 | Russia! Is Russia an interesting motorcycle tour destination?
Go East!
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Your name and email ... if you want to have news from PeterPan BikeWorld!